Kranzle – Supplier Background

Kranzle is a premium provider of high performance, reliable pressure cleaners. The company was founded in 1974 by Josef Kranzle in Illertissen, Germany. It is still in the hands of the Kranzle family.

From the start, Joseph Kränzle realised that high quality engineering and innovative design was the basis for performance and reliability. For example, Kranzle Pressure Washer machines have a unique, cold forged brass cylinder head that is resistant to warping and stress failure. So much so that it is covered by a 10 Year warranty. Precision in the manufacture of the ceramic coating on the pistons allows the Kranzle to run dry far longer than the competition, without causing damage to the seals and pump.

Based on values such as quality, flexibility and innovation, Kranzle Pressure Cleaners continue to focus on market leading product solutions and, in this context, exclusively rely on qualified, specialised partners and agencies all over the world.

Aquatech Solutions is the appointed agent for sales and service of Kranzle products in Melbourne.